Why Trust Laser Level Menards?

Almost everyone has a use for a laser level at some point. Installing shelves or even just hanging photos requires a level surface, so having a laser level on hand is a must.

When shopping for laser levels, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. To begin, what exactly are you hoping to accomplish by reaching this level? Want a tool that doesn’t require you to learn how to calibrate it or read complicated instructions? Do you prefer manual measurement, or would you prefer a digital readout and digital evaluation?

After deciding on a specific level’s requirements, the following step is to figure out where to acquire it. There are specialized tool stores and the Internet from which to choose. Online businesses like Menards that sell top-quality laser levels tend to have lower prices than brick-and-mortar hardware stores that carry a wider variety of tools.

This article will discuss the many advantages of shopping at Menards (either online or in-store) for your laser leveling equipment. Now, please continue reading!

Why Menards?

John Menard, the company’s founder, started the business in the early 1950s so that he could use the profits to pay for college. During the summer of 1958, John gained experience in the construction industry by working days on his first pole structures and nights at a local cinema, all while contracting for other projects to keep his crew busy.

After John Menard completed his education and had more time to focus on the company, Menards was established to meet the growing demand. The land on which the Eau Claire office and shop were built was purchased by him.

It was Menard’s foresight into the public’s demand for a retail outlet for construction supplies that led to the launch of Menard Cashway Lumber. The business John Menard founded grew much larger. To date, Menards has opened more than 330 stores across the Midwest, and more are expected to open in the near future.

Menards is currently the third-largest home improvement retailer in the United States, making it one of the largest of its kind. Menard’s state-of-the-art, well-stocked, and meticulously maintained stores are designed with the customer in mind and feature products and services for everyone from the novice DIYer to the seasoned builder.

Menards stands out from other hardware stores because of the warm, welcoming environment it provides its customers.

Quality of Service 

In the first place, Menards has always prioritized providing excellent service to its customers. Menards customer service is unparalleled, whether assisting with a purchase, answering questions about the products or how to complete a project, or guiding a customer through the design and/or calculation of a build using their Design-It Center and Project Calculator tools. Menards is successful because they do things right, including keeping their stores stocked and clean, offering the best prices in town, and treating our customers like family in a friendly, neighborhood setting.

Menards, a home improvement retailer committed to providing exceptional customer service, stocks a wide variety of top-shelf products, tools, materials, and supplies from a wide variety of trusted brands. You can find everything from light bulbs to leveling to materials for constructing a deck or a new home at Menards. Menards stock supplies for both inexperienced DIYers and seasoned pros in the construction industry.

Most Menards locations also sell groceries, lawn and garden items, and appliances from leading brands for a convenient one-stop customer experience. Menards serves as a community asset in addition to providing low-priced, high-quality goods. In addition to meeting the requirements of homeowners, renters, and business owners for home improvements, Menards also generates jobs and boosts the local economy.

Now that you know your way around Menards, let’s take a look at the laser-leveling equipment they sell and their prices.

Types of Laser Levels Available at Menards 

  • Cross-Line Laser Levels 
  • Dot Laser Levels 
  • Laser Detectors & Rotary Levels 
  • Line Laser Levels 
  • Laser Leveling Accessories & Grade Rods
  • Cross Line Laser

A multi-line laser level is a level with at least two laser lines, one horizontal and one vertical, that intersect at right angles to each other and the wall.

According to the number of vertical lines and the degree angle of the horizontal, some cross-line lasers can generate more than one cross. The laser beam from some cross-line projectors has been known to form a cross on the ceiling as well as the floor. Since additional laser diodes are needed for additional laser lines, the price rises accordingly. As visible horizontal and vertical laser lines, these laser levels are useful for a wide variety of indoor setups. Installation of a kitchen or bathroom, as well as carpentry, electrical fit-out, tiling, and other related services, may fall under this category.

Laser-level systems and accessories from trusted manufacturers like BLACK+DECKER, Topcon, Leica, Johnson, Bosch, and others may be found at Menards.

  • Laser Detectors & Rotary Levels

The laser beam from a rotary laser rotates in a full circle, providing a perfectly straight “chalk line” or leveling reference point. This is helpful for a broad variety of tasks, such as laying tile, aligning and piping a wall, leveling floors, aligning kitchen cabinets, performing basic survey work, designing a site, determining slopes, and so on.

  • Dot Laser Levels

Dot lasers are extremely similar to line lasers, with the key difference being that they emit a point of light rather than a continuous beam. Upon proper alignment, these lasers typically emit a dot or many dots. When displaying a large number of dots, they appear to be precisely perpendicular to one another. Menards carries high-quality dot laser levels from trusted brands like Leica’s Lino P5.

  • Line Laser Levels

This tool shines in applications requiring both horizontal and vertical leveling. The ideal method to use a line laser is to mount it on a tripod, which may be used to secure it to the flattest, most level surface possible. The laser’s level can then be checked, either manually or automatically if the device is self-leveling. Once you have your level line, you can begin measuring and labeling the area for later use as a guide.

They are a variety and models of line laser levels from various brands at Menards. Your budget and job scope will determine which to go for.

  • Accessories for Laser Levels and Grade Rods

Battery packs, tripods, chargers, remote controllers, laser line detectors, leveling staff, and other accessories are all readily available at local Menards stores.

Key Takeaway 

With more than 335 stores and 12 distribution hubs, Menards is an industry leader in the home improvement retail sector.

The best place to go online or in-store to purchase a laser level and all of its accessories are Menards.

Before they go on sale, laser level Menards go through a series of tests to make sure they’re completely defect-free.

To determine which laser-level system best suits the user’s needs, top-tier sales representatives provide consultations. At the time of consultation and purchase from Menards, customers are reminded of important safety precautions, such as keeping their eyes open for possible damage from lasers and adhering strictly to the manufacturer’s instructions.