Best Laser Level For Home Use Of 2023

The world is advancing, and the use of numerous technologies has been adopted to make life easier. Happily, the same applies to home construction projects! Over the past few years, laser levels have been an excellent tool for leveling and alignment. As a result, every DIYer must invest in a laser level for their home projects

You must consider numerous factors before choosing the best laser level for home use. These factors will help you invest in the right one. This article will explain some of the best laser levels you can use at home. We will also explain the factors to consider before choosing your laser level.

The 5 Best Laser Level For Home Use of 2022

Choosing the best laser level for home use can be challenging. We have compiled the best five laser levels for home use in 2022. You can’t go wrong with any of these laser levels. We chose them based on their functionality, affordability, durability, and accuracy. And if you already have experience with a laser level, you will love this section even more.

#1 Johnson 40-0921 Laser Level For Home Use

The Johnson 40-0921 laser level is the best for executing all DIY and home projects. It is a professional tool that simultaneously projects vertical and horizontal laser beams. It will also help users with numerous leveling applications in the home. So, if you want a laser level that you can use for both outdoor and indoor applications, the Johnson 40-0921 will give you the best results. 

This tool uses a one-switch control system and comes with a red laser beam that is incredibly visible outdoors. The Johnson 40-0921 red laser level also comes with an out-of-level indicator that alerts you when it’s no longer self-leveling. The battery life of this powerful tool is also impeccable. It uses three AAA batteries that can conveniently power it for at least 12 hours. 

This tool has a carrying case (hard-shell) and a tripod, ensuring safe transport and storage. This powerful tool also has a locking mechanism that firmly holds all its internal parts in place. It is a tool that will help you execute numerous projects such as hanging window trims, installing kitchen cupboards, and other alignment and leveling tasks. 

#2 HAMMERHEAD HLCLG01 Laser Level For Home Use

The HAMMERHEAD HLCLG01 level with green beam delivers accurate leveling solutions for all home applications. This compact yet powerful tool can project bright vertical, horizontal, and cross green lines onto flat surfaces with an ¼ inches accuracy level at 30 feet. We recommend using this reliable tool if you prefer green laser levels to their red counterparts. 

One of the most distinctive features of the HAMMERHEAD HLCLG01 laser level is its brightness. It doesn’t matter whether you use this tool indoors or outdoors; it will be apparent and visible. The cross-line mode on this device also makes it one of the reasons why it’s a go-to option for most DIYers. This feature allows you to adopt numerous projects across various elevations in your home.

For example, you can use this laser level to cast light for the alignment you want if you have a necessary leveling on the stairs. This device also has an exceptional Lock Manual Mode. This feature allows users to place the Cross-Line laser to project line at their preferred angle using the adjustable mounting clamp. So, the leveling application doesn’t matter; you can connect the HAMMERHEAD HLCLG01 to various surfaces. These include but are not limited to the back of the chair, stair railing, and other areas. 

We also love the out-of-level indicator that comes with this laser level. You will be alerted immediately it’s no longer self-leveling. In summary, this is a laser level that will give you value for every penny you spend on it. 

#3 SKIL MT 8201 Cross Line DIY Laser Level

Everyone has various needs when it comes to executing home projects. And a high-quality, expensive, high-end, and heavy-duty laser level is not usually the go-to for these applications. For DIYers who would prefer a laser level that is more affordable and light-duty, the SKIL Cross Line Laser Level is the best option

This powerful tool has all the necessary features to execute your home projects efficiently. These features include 120° coverage and vertical and horizontal lasers. These features make up a minimalist yet capable laser level at an affordable price for everyone. It even has a tripod that can help you to set your laser level to any height you want. 

The SKIL Cross Line Laser Level performed excellently well when it was tested. It has proven to be a capable and light-duty laser level. When it comes to functionality, this laser level will deliver, and it’s durable, well-built, and easy to set up. You also don’t need to have any prior experience before using this laser level. Although the tripod this laser level comes with is not the highest quality, it’s instrumental in positioning the tool at any angle you want. 

#4 Bosch GTL2 For Home Tiling

Next on our list is the Bosch GTL2 laser. This helps to make projects easier significantly. It is also flexible and adopts the Bosch laser technology. This makes users more profitable and productive through its accuracy while on the job. This is usually within one inch every 100 feet. 

This powerful tool can project vertical and horizontal lines on all surfaces within 30mins. This feature helps users to align, square, and achieve 90° angles. The Bosch GTL 2 is one of the best laser levels for tiling because of its usability. This tool also uses a single-button operation. This feature allows you to switch OFF and ON two perpendicular laser lines at right angles (90°). 

This powerful tool also has two mounting adhesives, which help users easily mount it on the ceiling or wall when executing a home project. The visible range of the Bosch GTL 2 is accurate, up to ½ inches at 30 feet. This makes it worthwhile when making all indoor applications.

The only drawback of this laser level is that it can only project two beams and deliver square level alignment. Also, you can’t mount it on the tripod. It is also advisable to only use this tool indoors. This is because it has a red beam that will become invisible outdoors. 

#5 Bosch GLL 2 Cross Line Laser Level For Handymen

The last level we will review is the Bosch GLL 2 Cross Line laser level. The Bosch GLL is one of the most durable tools available. One of the reasons why we love this laser level is that it allows you to customize your DIY projects. You will also easily switch between various modes based on your project. 

The Bosch GLL 2 laser level can project significantly visible laser lines that allow you to quickly distinguish and concentrate while working with various surfaces. Also, you will always level with this laser level. This is because its self-leveling features ensure proper layout and precise alignment, which increases productivity. 

Another feature we love about this tool is the smart pendulum system that controls the self-leveling function. So, you can be sure that this laser level will continuously deliver significant precision regardless of the task you want to do. The Bosch GLL 2 also comes with three modes; vertical, horizontal, and cross line. And we like that each of these modes does not need each other to work. This provides the users with optimal operational versatility.

This laser level also has a mount that users can clamp to bars, shelves, and several other surfaces in the home. Hence, you can suspend this laser level in the air on a tripod or keep it on the ground. It doesn’t matter where you clamp this laser level; it will achieve similar precision for every home task. Finally, the locking switch available on the Bosch GLL 2 is another impeccable feature. It helps ensure the level remains turned off during transportation, preventing needless energy waste. 

Best Laser Level for Home Use Comparison Table

Laser LevelIP RatingSelf-leveling Battery LifeAccuracy 
Johnson 40-0921 Laser LevelIP54+/-6°12 hours+/-¼ inches at 35 Feet
HAMMERHEAD HLCLG01 Green Laser Level IP54+/-4°12 hours+/-¼ inches at 30 Feet 
SKIL MT 8201 Cross-Line Laser Level IP54+/-4°Not Included 
But it makes use of three AA batteries which last for 18 hours.
+/- ¼ inches at 30 Feet
BOSCH GTL2 Laser LevelIP54+/-5°18 hours+/-½ inches at 30 Feet 
BOSCH GLL 2 Cross Line Laser LevelIP54 +/-4°12 hours +/-3/16 inches at 30 Feet

What To Consider Before Choosing the Best Laser Level For Home Use 

The best laser level for home use depends on the DIYer’s needs and preferences. However, some factors help choose the best laser level for home use. They include the laser level’s precision, ease of use, and features. Some crucial things to consider before choosing your laser level:

1. Red or Green Laser Level: Which is Best For You? 

The color that comes with the beam of your laser level plays a crucial role in its functionality. Two options are available: red and green. And they both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Red Lasers: They are not as powerful as green laser levels but have better battery life. They are also more affordable. Many superior models available on the market also make use of red beams. 
  • Green Lasers: Unlike red lasers, green lasers will remain visible at an extended distance. This makes them the better option for outdoor use. However, green laser levels are more expensive than red laser levels. They also have a higher probability of damaging the user’s eyes. 

When you want to choose the type of laser level to use for your home tasks between green and red lasers, it’s crucial to consider the kind of project you are doing. A red laser level will work if it’s an indoor task. However, you might want to consider green laser levels for outdoor home projects.

2. Accuracy 

One of the ways to know a good laser level is its accuracy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a high-tech or spirit-level laser. Accuracy is essential to executing any project. Some of the best laser levels come with a degree of accuracy in the manual or packaging. However, the general rule is to go for a laser level with up to ⅛ inch accuracy at 30 feet if you want the desired results. 

Also, as DIYers, it is advisable to go for self-leveling laser levels than their spirit counterparts. This is because you will get more precision with self-leveling laser levels than with spirit levels. Self-leveling laser levels also use the same working principle while significantly improving accuracy. 

3. Beam Orientation 

One of the most crucial features of all high-end and high-quality laser levels is their beam orientation. However, this depends on your budget. Particular models have three different beam orientation planes – one horizontal and two vertical dual-beam lasers. Also, one or more of these planes are usually 360°. 

While you can see the advantages of vertical and horizontal beams, the practicality of the laser levels with a 360° beam cannot be overemphasized. A laser level with a 360° beam can help to hang pictures precisely and quickly. It can also allow users to dig sections that are perfectly leveled. Having the most precise laser level for home tasks like drop ceilings is crucial to the finished product’s strength.

4. Self-leveling 

Any laser level that makes its leveling push-and-play is an ideal option. Many laser levels with the self-leveling feature use magnets and a laser level on a pendulum to deliver stability. The pendulum then gains control and completes the level’s final degree. This ensures that setting up the laser level is easy and swift. This is particularly true if there are any available reference points to record against. 

Another use of the self-leveling feature is allowing laser levels to lock their pendulums in place when they are not in use. Doing this helps to decrease the risk of calibration problems significantly. You will also be able to get the most out of a laser level with a self-leveling feature. 

5. Mounting 

One of the reasons why people prefer to use laser levels is because they let DIYers work practically hands-free. Once you have successfully set up your laser level, you can leave it to finish the job while using the laser line as its reference point. 

The best lasers for home use employ various features and mounts to attain this set-and-forget operation. Some affordable laser levels might dig tiny pins into drywall to get support. Other models come with mounts of tripods that connect them to drop ceiling tracks or metal studs. When buying the laser level for your home projects, prioritize the mounting accessories to achieve compatibility. 

6. Ease of Use 

It doesn’t matter the model or the laser level you choose; the functionality and operation of laser levels differ from one model to another. Some laser levels might only come with one to two buttons for their operation, while you might need to configure settings with modern models. 

So, it would be best if you prioritized the ease of use of any laser level you choose. To be safe, it is better to go for a laser level with simple operations and fewer buttons. However, if you prioritize versatility and features, high-quality and high-end laser levels will provide you with numerous uses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does a Laser Level Work? 

Laser is an abbreviation for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. While the science behind this is a bit difficult, it essentially means that a laser emits radiation using visible light. Regarding a laser level, a Light Emitting Diode (LED) semiconductor emits a light that is then concentrated into a beam of light using a prism or an internal mirror. 

2. How To Use a Laser Level to Hang Pictures 

You don’t need a laser level if you want to hang a lightweight picture. However, a laser level will make your work more accessible if you need to hang numerous images at a time or a heavy picture or mirror that needs several nails to secure it safely. A laser level is also incredibly beneficial for hanging pictures on inclined surfaces like stairs. A laser level for these applications will provide more precision than a measuring tape or eyeballing it. 

The first thing to do if you want to use a laser level to hang pictures is to determine the location and the layout you prefer. Then, you would cast a light beam on the surface where you want to hang your photos using your laser level. 

If you wish to the bottom or top of the picture, you are hanging to be aligned, measuring the distance from the bottom or top edge to the hanging wire or hook on the back will help you achieve that. The next thing to do is to measure the distance below or above the beam of light to determine where you will put your nails. 

Finally, find the measurement above the beam with your ruler. Then, make tiny pencil markings to know where you will hammer your nails. To finish up, beat your nails and hang your pictures.

3. What Does IP Rating Mean on my Laser Level? 

IP is an acronym for Ingress Protection. It determines how well an enclosure or casing will withstand damage from liquids and solids. There are two numbers after the IP rating. The first number signifies how well the case can resist solid. And the second number represents how well it resists liquid. The solid number is high as six, while the liquid can be as high as eight. The most common IP rating is IP54. This rating implies that the laser level can resist dust and water splashes. 

4. Can I Damage My Eyes By Looking At A Level Laser? 

The lasers used in levels are in classes: Class two and class three. And both are not potent enough to cause severe damage. If you look at a class two laser level under magnification, you will only damage your eye. Also, you might get temporary flash blindness if you look at the beam of light coming from a class three laser level. 

Final Thoughts 

Rulers, measuring tapes, and other measuring instruments may not give you the proper leveling performance you need for your home projects. And they are significantly inferior to laser levels when it comes to precision. 

Hence, it would be best to invest in a laser level if you are a DIYer or regularly execute home tasks where straight lines are needed. The five laser levels we highlighted in this article are the best you’ll find on the market. 

So, you can’t go wrong with any of them. However, if you don’t want to choose, you can use the buying guide in the article to select the best laser level for home use to execute your tasks.